Dear Students,

Welcome to a space for sharing, celebrating and reflecting on our classroom learning. If there’s anything missing from this site, or if you stumble across something that might add to our classroom learning, please feel free to send it to Mr. Stepan using the form below:

We will also be using a few different programs to enhance our learning this year.  Please click on the icons to access the websites/applications (I will add new icons to the list as we start to use more different programs):

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Also, please feel free to take a look at the tab on this site named “Stepan Pruchnicky’s Blog”.  This is a place where I’ll be writing about our learning, and all of the things that I have learned with you and from you.

Finally, each post on this site gives you the option to comment.  I really look forward to hearing your thoughts about our learning.  Comment as often as you can.  Your feedback will help you learn and it will help me teach you better.

See you in class!

-Mr. Stepan.

*Thank you to Caleb Roenigk for the use of the header image on this site.