News for the Week – By: Nidia

In Math this week we learned about Mean and Median. To find the Mean you add up all the numbers you have.  After you get the total you divide the number by the amount of numbers. To find Median you take your numbers and to put them in order from smallest to biggest. Then you find the two or one number that is in the middle.

In Language we did Movie Maker videos with partners. We had to talk about Afghanistan. Me and my partner talked about dental hygiene in Afghanistan. It was good working together.  We also wrote stories. We had partners as well. After we’re done the story it turns into a book.

In Fully Alive we did drama. We got into groups and Ms Vendrame gave us an area of development. There were five areas of development: Physical, Intellectual, Social, Emotional and Spiritual. Me and my group did Social development. We did acted out a skit about playing soccer.

This is the last week for Ms. Vendrame. I will really miss her.  She did a lot of hard work in our class. She helped me a lot and it was fun. I think she should be a teacher.

fully alive 


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