News for the Week – By: Alicia

For the past week in math we have been working on area and surface area.  Some of the people understood area but were a bit lost on surface area.  To help us out Ms. Adamczewski taught us a few steps to understand surface area. We did tests and corrected some of the few questions.  We also did another few lessons of surface area because people had almost understood it but not really quite yet. Now I wonder if everyone will score perfect or close to perfect on their tests.

For language we have been learning how hip-hop is poetry.  We already know about limericks, acrostics and many others. Now we are working on free-verse poems. We did a class poem all about forgiveness.  We had to include some of the rules to making a free-verse poem about forgiveness. Like, how free-verse poems can be about ANYTHING which is pretty cool. Soon we will be working on our own poems!

Science this week has been very interesting. We are learning about biodiversity which is what animals share in common and how they are different like Vertebrates and Invertebrates. We are also learning in about adaptations. Some adaptations are structural adaptations.  Structural adaptations are plant/animal body parts that can help them with survival. While behavioural adaptations are how a plant or animal behaves to help it survive.  A Venus fly trap has a structural adaptation which is it’s teeth that can capture its  prey.  A zebra also has a structural adaptation. The zebra blends in with its friends to confuse it’s enemies with only seeing black and white stripes.

Today is last day of school before the March Break! I’m REALLY excited to go cook for the fun of it.  Maybe I will bake cupcakes with chocolate frosting, or chocolate mousse with whip cream, raspberries and shaved chocolate. Enjoy your March break everyone (including the teachers).

Chocolate mousse with raspberries


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