In The Picture:

(Daniel) They are heading towards the mountains

(Bezawit) There’s a lost castle and the boys are looking for it

(Nikki) The tracks in the middle of the ocean.  They’re rushing because of a storm that’s coming.

(Jules) 3 people with a doll and they’re going to bring it to the castle and she’s going to become a real person

5 min Before:

(Recshana) The four kids found a boat/car and decided to go the castle

-(Thomas) They saw a map and decided to look for it

(Yulian) they opened a secret passage to the railroad tracks

(Saron) The parents and two children were attacked

5 min After:

(Mark) The fog must be water.  The cart becomes a boat and travels the rest of the way

(Patricia) They found the castle and looked for a treasure

(Aidan) The lightning from the clouds strikes the sail and they make a dog go the castle to get help

(Johnson) They realize that there’s a bad storm ad they see that the tracks are bumpy.  They find shelter.


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