Makey Makey

Last year teachers in my board got a big gift: 1.5 days of self-directed PD to use whenever we wanted over the course of the year. I loved the time.  It was a gift – a chance to use time for my learning on my terms.


I applied for a contest to work with some Cubelets.  I sent a pitch to the man running the contest and to my absolute pleasure, I got the chance to explore these great toys with my class. I used my self directed PD as release time.  A supply teacher stayed in my class.  I set up shop in another room.  Kids came out of the class in small groups for one hour each and explored the toys under my supervision.  For the most part, I sat in the corner of the room and documented their progress.  Whenever they asked me questions I would answer with “I’m not telling you.”  I really wanted to see what they would do.  

The result was awesome.

Saturday I came across the MaKey MaKey.  Right away I ordered one.  I’m hoping that my boss gives my class a chance like last year to play, to explore and to learn.  She was a big fan of the learning that happened with the Cubelets last year.  

Here’s hoping!


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