“You Can MAKE It Better” – Wisdom From An Old Friend

One of my favorite yoga quotes is “keep practicing and the yoga will come.” When it comes to learning “keep learning; one day you’ll get it” might be an appropriate modification.

A few weeks ago an old buddy from high school visited me here in Toronto.  We had a bit of bourbon and we caught up.  Somehow he got on a really great tangent about RedditWhile trying to convince me of how cool the site is, his best selling point was that “it’s the magician’s secret when it comes to all things internet.”  He showed me what he meant, and I was blown away.  

In the days that followed I felt like the obnoxious guy in the audience of a David Blaine Show.  "I know where you found that" was always in the back of my mind.

Eventually I checked a subreddit for education.  It made me sad how boring it was.  I was expecting to have my mind blown, like I had by world news, technology and science subreddits

I tweeted him with my complaint.

Here’s his response:


His response was perfect.

Just a gentle reminder to me that with social media, everyone is a stake holder.  You want to make it better? Go for it!

I think I need to keep learning about/using/sharing reddit.  One day that education sub might get a little better.


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