Show and Tell

On Friday one of my students showed a music video that she loved to the class.  We had a few extra minutes to kill and she really wanted to “show me something” (this is common occurrence in the primary grades).  I said “Why not; it’s Friday.  Let’s share it with everyone.”

The next day I received a notification that a different student had shared something on our class site.  Check out this cute post.

She loved the video that her classmate had shared with us, so she found a breakdown of the choreography from the video to share back, building on the “learning” that had happened the previous day.

She didn’t do it because she had to; this was not homework.  She did extra learning out of interest… interest that had been sparked by one of her peers in a quick moment of modern show and tell at school.  This kind of motivation and inspiration is so beautiful.  

Teachers try really hard to motivate this kind of learning.  Maybe we need to try less and just let kids share what they love with each other.  Show and tell might not just be for the little ones.  In extreme cases it can lead to really wonderful things.


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