The Classroom Museum

I’ve started reading The Third Teacher, and it’s really making me think about my classroom and how it helps/hinders my students’ learning. I haven’t gotten very far through the book; however, one part has already really made me think.  The book is broken into 79 chunks.  Chunk number 16 talks about displaying learning and creating “an environment rich in evocative objects”. It makes reference to museums as the best example of invitational learning. They’re not forceful; they’re attractive.  

So I started to think about displaying…  How can I make displays rich interactive experiences?  

The first thing that I thought of was making a few of these: 

All different sizes. They could be built to create showcases for students to interact with in class, turning 2D into 3D.  Students would be invited to add to them with push pins.  Once they’re no longer relevant they could be stacked and put away and rebuilt when they’re needed again.

Looks like I might be doing some woodworking over my summer holidays.


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