Creating Context – Plot Lines and Soundtracks

Whenever someone asks me “What would you do if you weren’t a teacher?” I always say that I would want to pick soundtracks for movies.  I don’t know if that’s a job, but I have always dreamed of doing that for a living.  Music conveys feelings and says things that words can’t.  It’s so expressive!

In the fall I saw John Seely Brown speak.  One of the major themes of his keynote was creating contexts for learning.  When you make things relevant, you make them matter.

So… why not take the most boring picture you see in schools


and bring it to life?  Make it matter.  Make it relelvant.  Make it the anchor for creating a soundtrack for any given story, movie, piece of text.  

That could be as simple as creating YouTube playlists, or as complex as using software to make new music. (GarageBand allows anyone to be a musician!)

*Bonus points for posting soundtracks to a site like 8tracks and inviting in organic feedback.

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