Just My Imagination Running Away With Me


I finally finished reading The Third Teacher.  Outstanding.

I don’t read a lot of Ed books because I find them boring.  I’m a fiction lover through and through.  Usually that ends up being the best PD for me.  Books, movies, art and music provide a much needed creativity jolt that keeps lessons real.  I need to dream a lot to grow a little.

I think that’s one way that I differ from a lot of my colleagues.  Usually at workshops teachers crave tangible things that they can do to become better teachers.  Not me.  Show me something awesome and let me dream up how I can make it relevant to my students.

That’s what The Third Teacher offers up.

If you’re looking for tangible, doable ways to improve your teaching or the learning environment for your students… this one’s not for you.  But if you want to dream a little… see some new ways of looking at the space in which you spend the majority of your day… if you want to get inspired…  read it.  Read it now.

At the end of the book some of the small steps that I have committed to include: 

1) Making my room as free flowing as possible: I want to make everything easily movable, so that the class and I can customize our space to our learning as-needed.  This might mean tennis balls on furniture (or just el-cheapo felt pads).

2) Museum style classroom: create invitations for students to learn more.  I wrote about one idea in a past post.  Still looking for other ways to do this.

3) Take on a younger mentor: someone who thinks in a weird way and is unencumbered by the rules of the room.  I already have two that are my go-tos; I’m hanging on to them.

4) Purposefully plan out my room:  I’m looking to a friend, Mario Addesa, for some sound advice.  He recommended this book to me, and I like the way he thinks about space. 

*Some Fatboys would be fun too 🙂


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