I’m constantly impressed with my colleague Anna Nguyen’s work with her JLI (Junior Literacy Intervention) students.  Her approach, her openness, her rapport are all contagious.  She makes children want to leave their regular classroom to get precise, meaningful, fun help.

Here’s some of her work (shared with her permission).

Students watched Pixar’s La Luna, then thought of dialogue to match this wordless text.  

First, her students watched the film.  Then she encouraged her students to think about why the boy came with the older men on this night.  They re-watched, and had some amazing conversations attempting to answer this (and other guiding questions).  As they spoke she took some notes for them.  Then they got to work on the dialogue.

I encourage you to shut off the sound on the video and let the audio track play.  To sync them up properly, start the video and at the 0:20 mark begin playing the audio track.

Talk about getting students to “read and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of literary, graphic, and informational texts, using a range of strategies to construct meaning”!


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