Augmented Reality and Book Sharing

I’m wrapping my brain around an idea.  I could really use some help.

A few months ago our head of elearning Mike Wetzel mentioned Aurasma to me in reference to a blog post that I had written.  I bookmarked the app under the category “Summer Learning”  (aka. “you’re busy and stressed” aka. “maybe you should rest a little more”).  A few weeks ago I saw a great blog post by Erin Klein in which she shared her love for the very same app.  I filed that article under Summer Reading too.

For whatever reason, today I got to thinking about augmented reality and I had an idea.

Book trailers, book reviews and book talks are great ways to engage readers.  They give readers authentic opportunities to share, and they get others excited to try new books.  Why not pair augmented reality apps with book covers?  Book covers will serve as trigger images.  Recorded book trailers, reviews and talks will serve as overlays!  Then, pictures of the front covers of books can be added to a wall/bulletin board.  Students wondering about new books or how to choose a “good book” would be free to consult their peers (much like we would use a rating/review system on TripAdvisor or Urbanspoon).  The review wall would take a while to grow, but imagine if it was housed in a large space… and different classes could scan and add to the wall-o-books?!  Wow!!

Classroom teachers, teacher librarians… any feedback or ideas?

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