Xbox Kinect – A Promise Kept

A few months ago I was lent a spectacular gift from Dr. Camille Rutherford at Brock University.   A mutual friend of ours told me that she used Xbox Kinect in her pre-service program.  He told me that she often lends out the units and lets teachers play with them.  

So I asked (…maybe begged a little) and Camille said yes. She had, however, one catch: document/share.

So here it is.  My favourtie work with the Xbox Kinect.

As my students and I played with the unit, one game stuck out as a the clear favourite: Kinect Adventures.

The levels were engaging.  Students had to work together.  And… at the risk of sounding trite… they loved going on adventures.

Since this was the end of the year, I got integrate some of the wonderful learning that my students had been doing all year in an assignment.  We took a little bit of mapping (social studies), mixed in some transformational geometry (math) and seasoned lightly with procedural writing (language) to come up with new levels for the game.

There was a lot of drawing and sharing of ideas, then the formalized assignment was born.  I made  a map for the students then asked them to write out the instructions: 


When we finished writing out instructions, I asked them what were “must haves” for the instructions.  What information helped them to make sense of the map?

Students came up with these: 


Then they got down to business.  

Please click here to take a look at some of their final products.

One group even gave video instructions for their new level:

A HUGE thank you Camille for taking a risk and lending her expensive equipment to a stranger.  I owe you one.  This has been some of our greatest learning this year.


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