Walking the Walk

I’ve been thinking about professional development for the past half year.  What kind of PD do I want to go to?  What kind of PD is meaningful?  What’s the balance of theoretical and practical learning?

In my mind I have sorted out a bunch of these answers, but as of today they are theoretical and not yet practical.

Over the next two days I’ll have a chance to do PD my way.  On Wednesday and Thursday I’m going to be facilitating a TCDSB Summer Institute on blogging… and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.  I’m really hoping to strike a healthy balance between thinking and doing. At the end of each day teachers will walk away with a class website, designed to meet the needs of their students. 

DAY 1:

A quick intro and meet and greet.

A bit of context.

Together, teachers will scour the internet for switched-on, amazing classroom sites.  Findings will be posted to this wall.  I’m really looking for why they like elements of different sites.

Afterwards, each guest will make a wish list of what they want for their students.

Teachers will choose a blogging platform then we’re going to spend the rest of the time building.  


We’ll start with a look at the learning process that we’re going through and how we can bring that back to your class.

Continue building and conferencing.

When each person has finished his/her site.  They’ll have a chance to put together some of their first posts.

I’m really looking forward to these two days and everything that these teachers put together.

*we’ll also keep a TodaysMeet chat running through the day.


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