Repeat Yourself. One Day Someone Will Listen.

A big joke to amongst concert goers is screaming “play Free Bird” during a rock concert.  I imagine it started out when the song was first released in the 1970s.  The guitar solo (starting at 4:55) is amazing.  The idea of hearing it live was kind of cool, so people started asking for it.  By now “play Free Bird” has become a bit of a joke and an homage to live musicians of yore.  At least that’s been my experience in fifteen years of concert-going.    

On Saturday I went to see Father John Misty play at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall.  The crowd was a bit obnoxious.  People were chirping the band, and eventually someone shouted “play Free Bird”.  In a moment of true Rock n’Roll genius the guys in  the band all smiled at each other and humoured the crowd.  Afterwards the lead singer said, “you know something…  everyone deserves to hear Free Bird”.

I’ve been going to concerts since I was a teenager.  This has never happened.  The request happens all of the time, but bands NEVER play the song.

It got me thinking about the educational reform that is starting to be discussed in our school board.

Last week Kevin Kerr, our eLearning Coordinator, crowdsourced twitter for ideas on this topic:  "Need help identifying roadblocks to 21C. Share your lived/shared experiences.“

Here are a couple of responses.



Maybe I’m full of summer hope and optimism, but I think that sometimes you just have to keep screaming  "play Free Bird”.  If you really want change to take place, then you have to be persistent.  

Elisha Horbay is right; we do need better tools for our schools. She needs to keep asking for them.

Mike Wetzel is also right; we also need teacher-driven PD.  He needs to keep asking for it.

Persistence might be reform’s greatest ally.

I will gently keep pushing my requests and I encourage you to do the same.  No matter how long it takes.



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