Disagree and Grow

I’m really lucky to have supportive people in my twitter PLN.  People that I trust.  People that help me out. Friends.

But I wish they weren’t so damn nice!

This week I had a short exchange with a UK educator named Andrew Old. I loved the chat.

Check out these tweets:



What I appreciated about Andrew was that he was trying to prove a point and make a case.  He didn’t care about presenting ideas in a gentle way or offending a stranger on twitter.

Since our brief exchange on Thursday I have been reading a lot of his blog.  Much like his tweets, his blog posts are pushy, bossy pieces of writing.  They are also thought-provoking and poignant.

When I first started using twitter, I was given this advice: “twitter is all in who you follow”.  There’s so much out there to read.  If we only ever stick to reading ideas that validate our opinions, then what are we really learning?

Find an Andrew.  Follow an Andrew.  Chat and disagree with an Andrew.



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