Learning Together

One of the greatest benefits of opening up my learning has been an increase in humility.  I listen more.  I read more.  I ask more.  I learn more. The Socratic “the more I learn, the more I learn how little I know” becomes truer for me every time I read about my profession or discuss my profession with others.  That humility has lead me to some great teachers.  Some have been colleagues. Some have nothing to do with education.  Some are my students.  

With that in mind, this year I have included all types of teachers in my learning around making and the maker movement. In the new year, my students will become active participants my learning. They will help teach me.

In science we’ll be using maker principles to explore The Conservation of Energy and Resources.  Students will be learning science curriculum content, and together we’ll be learning how to make things to help observe/monitor/measure that content in the world around us.

and… I think I found a teacher for us.

Meet Sylvia.  She hosts Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show.  The episodes are amazing.  She makes a variety of different things and models Maker principles of experimenting, tinkering, tweaking and reflecting. Sylvia goes through the making process slowly and precisely.  She’s the perfect teacher.  Take a look: 

Something like this could totally be modified to help in our conservation of energy unit.  A robot that detects light sources in the school? 

I have some concerns with regards to soldering and safety, but Sylvia even has an answers to those concerns:

Lots to think about.  


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