Building Meaning

In an effort to slow down with difficult texts, my class and I took about a week and a half to read In Flanders Fields.  The poem is a Canadian classic.  It not only talks about the war, but it also explores the feelings of soldiers during/after war. Personally, I think the poem finds the happy medium between ‘Never Again" and “Heroes” messages that appear at Remembrance Day. 

Our slowing down took a few steps:

We broke the poem into pieces and assigned each team a piece to illustrate with lego.  Their task was to show how they understood each part.  The first attempts were a little rough.

So we gave each other some tips and we redid them.


Students were amazed at how effective the editing process was in art:


The next step was to put all of the photos together to give a visual representation of the whole poem.  (It is a whole thought after all, not a series of parts.)

When all of that was done, students were finally ready to respond to the poem.  I was so proud of their insightful, deep comments:



The final step will be the conversations that will be happen on our site. I’ve taken a peak at their work and given them tips for growth. 

(comments for Aster and Nicole)

(comments for Yoni and Renush)

Let’s see if anyone takes the bait and comments/edits further.


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