It’s a Wonderfull Life Summary – By: Marie

A “Wonderful Life” is about a man named George Bailey. George Bailey dreamed of travelling the world and explore different places. His dad ran a family business. Then George Bailey’s dad died while having a stroke. He had to run the family business, but he still wanted to live up to his dream to travel to places. So he chose to run the family business. One day he met up with an old friend named Mary. They fell in love, got married, and had children. Then there was this man who always tried to buy the business. Until one day George Bailey missed placed 8 000$ for his business. So his business was broke. Then he came home feeling angry, sad, confused, and disappointed. He felt so emotional he took it out on his wife and kids. After he went to a bridge and tried to suicide. Suddenly a man saw him and dove into the water instead. George Bailey dived into the water and saved the man. After the man and George found shelter and dried off,the man told George “I am your guardian angel and my name is Clarence.” George believed Clarence. So they talked and George wished and said “I wish I was never born!” Then Clarence thought to himself and granted George’s wish. George thought that nothing has happened, so he went back to town and all his friends did not recognize him. Even his wife Mary. So much mischief happened then George learned his lesson and wished that he was born again. Then everything went back to normal. Also his friends heard what happened to the business so they all gave him money, and Clarence went back to all of his angel friends. Then everybody lived happily ever after, the end.


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