Connecting The Dots


Chip Kidd’s Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design 

The book is amazing.  It is written for people with little to no graphic design knowledge.  It approaches the subject in a very light-hearted manner.  It doesn’t judge newbies, but it also doesn’t talk down to them or make them feel stupid.

I bought the book for my grade 5 students, but, after reading it, I really think that I need a copy of my own too. During my first reading of Go I used twitter to gush/make notes.  The next day I reviewed those notes, and asked some questions which lead to deeper understanding and even more questions:


Later that day, I shared my new learning with a friend.  I told her that I was especially interested in learning more about typography. So… she recommended some follow up viewing for me:


I’m not sure if this newfound interest with design will lead anywhere, but it has really gotten its hooks into me over the past two days. I’m seeing it everywhere, and my mind is racing with questions about design choices.  

Timing is a funny thing too.

I got Chip Kidd’s book on the same day that I read a post that Brian Harrison shared about creativity and the ability to make connections. The article’s author Belle Beth Cooper writes about how creativity lives in the connections that we make between all of the knowledge we have.

I’m thinking that design is the art form that makes all of the connections that Belle Beth was writing about in her post.  Its job is to connect knowledge dots on a deep yet subconscious level.  If meta-creativity is a thing, then graphic design is its highest form. 

I’m not sure how this impacts teaching, but it’s a dot that I’m looking forward to connecting.


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