Insulation How We Kept Ice Cold

Last week Ali,Samson and I made a cup to insulate our ice. Our items we used were tape,tinfoil,newspaper,felt and cotton.In our first attempt we put less space in the inside,because Samson and I accidentally broke Mr.Stepan’s thermos and we saw that inside there was a sphere that held air. So we created a thermos that looked exactly like it,Insulation is when we kept it its temperature and tried to keep it constant we’d have to trap air so the air would turn into the ice’s temperature.Our first cup lasted 3 hours so we planed an idea which includes 2 cups. When we started we thought about molecules, so molecules are tiny particles which holds matter together our ice melted because het got to the molecules and they got active so they needed more space so the spread apart so the melted.So we put cotton on the bottom of our second one and we added holes at that moment Ali and I where confused at Samson’s idea but we understood that the holes would bring some air to the ice.But I told them the heat would heat up the ice and it would melt so we added tape so the tape would tarp air and we put nothing inside because ice + ice =more colder temperature so we added tinfoil so the sun would reflect the cup.And we improved by 1 hour so we found out how we kept our ice cold.



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