Ms. Marvel Comic Review (M.A.E.)

The Ms.Marvel comic is about a girl named Kamala who is Pakistani. She wishes to be Ms.Marvel and have her powers but she would kick butt in giant wedge heels. Kamala is a plain old teenage girl who is super smart, and thinks she doesn’t have a group that she can relate to. 

Kamala wanted to go to a party but her father wouldn’t let her because there were going to be boys at the party also because her religion rules. But she went out anyway. When she arrived at the party someone offered her a drink she asked if there was alcohol in it and they said no it was just juice but when she took a sip of “the juice” the guy said that there was a hint of vodka in it and she spit it out immediately. Then she walked away and where she was walking there was a bunch of fog she thought she was drunk and she asked herself  “ Am I drunk? How can I get drunk when I took a sip of something and then spit it out immediately?!” Suddenly out of nowhere Captain Marvel, Captain America and Ironman appeared with some flying animals. At first Kamala thought that she was hallucinating, then Captain America gave her a little speech that was “ you thought that if disobeyed  your parents ,your culture, your religion your classmates would accept you? What happened instead? “ Then Kamala responded ‘ they laughed at me”. Then Kamala said that she wanted to be Captain Marvel except in classic politically incorrect costume and kick butt in giant wedged heels, (so would we eliza,aster,marie) so Captain Marvel granted her wish and sincerely said to Kamala ‘ it’s not going turn out the way you want” , and after that day the adventures of Ms. Marvel begins…`

                                                                 – Marie, Aster, Eliza (M.A.E.)


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