Make Stuff!

I don’t often go on rants in my class, but today I did.  My friend Lisa sent me a pretty hilarious blog post from Slate. At the centre of it was this video:

What Lisa didn’t know was today was the day that a little experiment exploded to life in my class.  


I have a very outgoing girl in my class named Nicole.  She shows up smiling every single day.  All of her actions, all of her gestures, all of her stories are animated and full of life.  

About a month ago, Nicole asked me to lead DPA in our class.  I let her (even though I LOVE leading our daily dance/stretch), and it was amazing.  The next day she asked “can I do it again”.  I asked her to let me sleep on it; I needed time to think.  My worry was that Nicole would use this as a time to clown around and that the magic that was present during her first round of DPA would be lost as time went on.  

After a bit of thought I made Nicole a deal.  She could lead once a month, UNLESS she prepared something in advance.   If she was prepared, she could lead as many exercises as she wanted to.  I knew she kept a blog.  To prove that she was prepared, I asked her to post something to her blog and shoot me a link.  The next day, she could carry out her plan for the class.

About a week passed with nothing.  I had nearly forgotten about our deal when I saw a post from Nicole in our class site’s inbox.

Here’s what she sent:

So… she led DPA and it was AMAZING.  Students loved it, and she was so into the exercises!

Even more amazing are the comments that have begun to appear on her post:

Talk about meaningful feedback and extension of learning!!  And all of it happened on her own accord!  


So the rant that I shot at my class was this.  

“Make stuff! 

The great thing about this Frozen/Thriller mashup is not the video.  It’s the fact that NostaligicFangirl thought of something hilarious and made it.  Making does not have to happen in the digital world.  It can be a series of streches.  It can be a a birdhouse.  It can be a story.  Please make things and share your creations with others to get fresh perspectives and ideas on how to make them better.”

Hopefully Nicole starts a trend.


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