I found out late last week that I would be going on secondment next year with the Student Work Study Teacher (SWST) program.  I got the call from my new boss, Jan Murphy, and she had the following words of advice for me:

“Make the most out of the next week.  Spend as much quality time as you can with your students.  You’ll miss them next year.”

After I got off the phone with Jan, I started telling the people closest to me my good news.  I told them about how exciting it would be to really dig into student learning for a whole year.  I told them how great it was going to be to meet amazing new people and share in their journeys with their students.  I told them how much I was going to love working with small groups of students and teachers to create meaningful change.

… But in the back of my head I kept hearing Jan’s words.

I put off telling my students for as long as I could because I was afraid.  I was afraid that they would misunderstand my motivations and think that I was leaving our school instead of going to a great opportunity.  I was afraid to hurt them.

Today, I decided, was going to be the day that I would break the news to them.  All the other students were going to find out at our assembly tomorrow, and I didn’t want my students to hear my news from another person. So… honestly, openly, I told them everything.  No dodging.  No evasive language.  I told them the truth.

Their response was perfect.

They told me that they would miss me a lot, but they were happy for me.


That made me love them even more.  

I’m going to miss them a lot.


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