Unlikely Heroes

Disney does a really good job celebrating the unlikely hero.  Aladdin, The Seven Dwarfs, Arthur, Bernard and Bianca (The Rescuers), Lilo… Part of what makes their heroism so special is that no one expects much of them.  They aren’t super heroes.  In fact, they’re super because they’re not heroes.

I think there’s a nugget of wisdom in the unlikely hero archetype.

I can think of a number of professional sports coaches that started off with less than adequate coaching experience.  Famed Russian hockey coach, Anatoli Tarasov, started out as a soccer player/coach.  Arrigo Sacchi (arguably AC Milan’s greatest coach) started out as a shoe salesman and boisterous fan (kinda like Eddie).

I wonder if they are some of the precursors to the reverse mentoring movement in the business world?

My favourite design thinking gurus, David and Tom Kelley, also encourage their employees to look for unexpected experts:

More and more educators are listening to student voice, and designing empathetic learning experiences and environments with/for their classes (and that’s AWESOME), but I wonder who else we can include in classroom learning.  Who are the out-of-education-box thinkers that we can share our deep knowledge of curriculum and pedagogy with to really move education towards excellence?

Who might our unlikely heroes be?


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