Beautiful Imperfections

One of the things that impresses me the most about Chilly Gonzales is his deep knowledge of music.  He hears things that we don’t, and he’s able to articulate what he hears in  way that makes sense.

Last night I heard him perform at The Royal Conservatory in Toronto and the musical connections that he brought into his performance were incredible.  He talked through his art with the audience.  He tried to explain it to everyone.  However, my favourite thing he talked about was not as song.  It was musician’s tool: the metronome.

He bleakly described the metronome as a tool that was meant to help humans perfect their music.  However, in the process of perfecting music, humans lost the imperfections that made music beautiful.

… Something to be conscious of when we design lessons.  Are we allowing for the imperfections that humanize learning?


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