Transference, Bro.

I read an amazing Fast Co.Exist post the other day about transference. Well ok, it wasn’t exactly about transference.  It was about protein shakes, bro culture, and advertising.  The post was about this:

If you have a second, give this post a read. While it mostly talks about edgy marketing, the bigger take-away for me was related to rethinking how we do business (in the broadest sense):

“In the world of sustainability and cause related marketing we’ve come to expect a certain look and feel associated with ‘green’ or ‘organics’: sweeping landscapes, all-white kitchens, adorable kids running through a glorious, lush field. Most ads are similar in aesthetic and messaging because they all go at it the same way—playing up the product’s functional attributes while highlighting its environmental benefits. They are usually earnest and pretty much always forgettable.

So ‘Save the Bros’, a two-minute video and supporting website developed by Organic Valley for it’s new ‘Organic Fuel’ protein drink, is not what you’d expect. The campaign parodies charity PSAs with alarming pleas that the ‘bros’ we know and love could become extinct if they continue to drink all the ‘junk’ that exists in their current protein shakes. It’s not only funny, it’s also really smart.”

And in my brain, that translates to we need to learn from unlikely sources and disconnected ideas

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of “teach science like a scientist" and “teach math like a mathematician” and “teach art like an artist” and “teach physical education like an athlete/coach”.  

…I’m not convinced that’s something that we should be trying so hard to do.  That’s not really how the world works.  There are bits of everything embedded into everything.  Learning needs to shine a light upon that, not run away from it.  Woodworking is connected to other subjects,  so is music, so is geography, so is photography.

Maybe a science teacher needs to teach a little bit more like an artist? Maybe a math teacher needs to teach a little bit more like physical education teacher?

Have a protein shake and think it over.


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