“Inserting An Extra Street…”

Here’s a big thank you to Dean Shareski, his team, and all of the speakers at last night’s Ignite Your Passion For Discovery event.

It got a lot of people together, and it got them talking.  It actually reminded me a lot of these passages from Jane Jacobs’ urban planning Bible, The Death and Life Of Great American Cities:

“In the case of these long blocks, even people who are present in the neighbourhood for the same primary reasons are kept too much apart to permit them to form reasonably intricate pools of city cross-use.  Where differing primary uses are involved, long blocks are apt to thwart effective mixture in exactly the same way.  They automatically sort people into paths that meet too infrequently, so that different uses very near each other geographically are, in practical effect, literally blocked off from each other.”

“Let us consider, instead, the situation if these long east-west blocks had an extra street cut across them – not a sterile “promenade” of the kind in which super-block projects abound, but a street containing buildings where things could start up and grow at spots economically viable: places for buying, eating, seeing things, getting a drink.  With the extra street, the Eighty-eighth Street man would no longer need to walk a monotonous, always-the-same path to a given point.  He would have various alternative routes to choose.  The neighborhood would literally have opened up to him.”

Makes me wonder about other cross streets we can insert into education… and how we can increase the traffic on those streets.

Thanks to everyone for a great night.


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