Doing Something New

The Last Starfighter:

As a kid I thought it was perfect.

What I didn’t realize then was that, in addition to being an AWESOME adventure, The Last Starfighter was one of the first films to extensively use CGI.  It was one of the first movies (along with Tron) to use new technology in a very new way.

Yesterday, while fighting a flu, I watched a whole lot of tv and movies.  Starfighter got a rewatch.  After watching it, I wondered why it hadn’t gotten a reboot yet.  Unsurprisingly, a reboot is in the works.  Consistent with the original, Starfighter’s reboot is also going to test the limits of technology.  According to a post in Variety: “while most of it is meant to be viewable on plain old TVs, it would also feature special scenes that break the frame, allowing viewers equipped with virtual reality (VR) headsets to look around and explore the inside of a spaceship or immerse themselves in an alien firefight.”

Pretty much at the same time as I was watching Alex Rogan kick some Kodan butt, Brian Aspinal sent me a copy of his latest blog post about coding online Choose Your Own Adventure books.  I giggled and sent him this tweet:


Basically, Brian is pulling a Last Starfighter move.  

We now have the means to create the kind of reading that we could only consume when were were children. With new technology we can write in new ways.  I don’t mean that we can publish in new ways.  I also don’t mean that we can embed media or change the look of writing.  I mean we can ACTUALLY change storytelling.

Take a look at this example that Brian included in his post.

According to Brian, this kind of storytelling “gives students a chance to create large non-linear stories, show them the layout as a flowchart and allow them to use coding to ‘spice’ it up.”  And THAT is new.

Odds are you’ve heard this before, but If we’re just using technology to do the same things that we’ve done before technology, then why are we using it?

If only I could figure out a way to work this bit of audio into a story…


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