Google Forms and Maps

*Huge thank you to everyone that helped with this.  Thank you for your ideas and your form submissions.  Much appreciated!

About a year ago, I started playing with Google Maps, wondering if they could be used as educational tools.  I fell in love with the idea of creating custom maps to act as “tools for and evidence of learning”.  The more I dug into the idea, the more I liked it… However, I also wondered how something like this might be doable for younger students.  How could co-creating maps be made more accessible for all learners?

Then something else caught my eye, and like Homer Simpson, and I moved on…

Until last week when I saw these tweets between Aviva Dunsiger and Jonathan So:


I trolled a little and clicked on the video links that Jonathan had posted.  Check this one out:

[googlemaps” frameborder=”0″>

That was it!  That was the trick!

To make sure that I was on the right track I gave it a test.  I sent this open form out to as many people as I could to collect a critical mass of data:


Once I got enough responses, I imported the data from the sheet that collected my form responses:


… And generated my map.

I also started to play with the features of this map.  Measuring distance and area, creating routes that tell particular stories, etc… Here’s a great post by Jeff Utecht on different ways to use Google Maps in your classroom to get you started.  I’m sure that your students will think of even better ways to use this tool.

Have fun!


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