Using Your Home Screen For Teaching and Learning

*A call for crowdsourcing.

In a few weeks I’ll be speaking with Dr. Patricia Briscoe’s pre-service B.Ed students.  She’s currently teaching a course titled Instructional Technology, and I get to be a guest speaker.

To get a sense of the group that I will be teaching, I sent out a questionnaire. Here are some of the questions that I asked:


My hope is that I’ll learn a few things about them as learners before I start yapping.

I’m also hoping that I can give them a little something to play with in their own time.  I’m using their answers to this question to make a them “gift”:


A lot of what appears on the students’ home screens also appears on mine.  Some of the apps that appear most frequently on their home screens are: Skype, Instagram, Google Maps, Photos, Notes, Twitter, Fitbit, ComicRack, Pinterest, Spotify, Snapchat, Scrabble, Alien Blue (Reddit), Weather, YouTube, Around Me, Kijiji.

The gift that I’m working on is a document titled “Using Your Home Screen For Teaching and Learning”.  The general idea is that a lot of what we already use can be spun into a variety of learning opportunities for us and our students.

I’ve started to fill in the document and will continue working on it next week.  

I’m looking for help.

I’d love contributions from as many sources as possible.  If you add something to this document, make sure to add in your twitter handle (or another form of accreditation), so that we can thank you.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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