Abandoned Books

What if we picked up the books that kids discarded and humbly thought about why they might suck.

That’s all I could think about today when reading Book Love by Penny Kittle.  Instead of just accepting that a student didn’t connect with a piece of reading, what if we looked for trends in what they hated:

“When a student won’t read, I look at the vocabulary, the context of the book, and the sentence link to see whether the text is a mismatch for the students current skills. If I’m going to improve reading, students must practice reading skills and a text better match to their ability and then continue to encounter more challenging texts as they increase volume and stamina.”

Odds are students won’t be able to (or comfortable with) telling us that vocabulary is too hard, or that the sentence structure is off-putting.  We’ll likely just get “I don’t like it.”  If we take a little time to wonder about texts that kids drop, might we be better equipped to find out what they might love?


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