Google Q&A

Being at a new school is difficult.  

Perhaps the hardest part of the first few weeks is establishing relationships with everyone in the school: teachers, administration, school staff, students and their parents.

This week at school we had curriculum night.  Not knowing my audience very well, I figured that I needed to spend as much time as possible to get a sense of “them”.  Who are they? What might they need to take away from our first meeting?

That’s when I remembered Google Q&A:

I set it up and shared the link with the parents.

I made them a promise:  “I will only speak for the first ten minutes of our session.  The remaining twenty is yours.”

The result was wonderful.  I got to honour the wonderings of the room, not just fulfil my desire to talk.  It also made me wonder where/when else we might use this tool in schools.  Staff meetings? PD?

I’d love to read your thoughts and suggestions!


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