Google Docs Help Please?

Ever find a roadblock that you can’t get around?  I’ve got one.  I’m stuck, and I need help.

My students and I have been playing with Google Docs.  When I introduced the software, I told them that typing up their work really don’t matter. (Which they were shocked to hear.)  I told them:

“Your printing is neat enough.  I can read it.  Your work doesn’t need to be typed.  Google Docs has nothing to do with neatness.  It has EVERYTHING to do with improving your writing.”

We jumped head on into the commenting features.  Students loved receiving feedback.  They loved giving feedback.  More than anything they loved the “resolve” button.


Whenever they clicked it, they felt that their writing had improved.

I also showed them the list of all of their resolved comments.  


They loved the see the ways that their work had improved.  The list of comments was an authentic artifact of learning.  

And that’s where the roadblock comes in…

Meaningful reflection needs an anchor.  If students are going to think about their thinking, then teachers need to give them data upon which to reflect:

“Data driven has become a ubiquitous phrase in schools today. Typically it refers to using results of standardized tests – yearly state assessments and interim district assessment – to inform the focus and pacing of classroom instruction. If we limit our use of data to this purpose, however, we are missing the great potential of gathering data related to a wider range of evidence of learning (e.g., individual patterns and writing and math assignments, homework habits, reading stamina). Data of this kind can be collected and analyzed with students and by students and can be used to help them set and achieve goals for improve learning.”

If there was a way to print out or even just capture (through any file format other than a screen grab) the Google Doc “comment summary” for students to use in their own reflections, I’m convinced that learning could be transformed.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?  I’m feeling a little stuck.


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