Math Debate

I’d like to thank Martina and Bianca for the amazing Math dialogue today.  I’m still thinking about your ideas and the conversation that you sparked between all of the grade sixes in class today.


We have been looking at some patterns that we created in class for the past few days.  Upon first examination, the students thought that ALL of the patterns were growing patterns.  As the class learned more about patterns, it seemed to me that maybe a chance to re-think was in order.  Check out today’s revised thinking:


As the students worked, a heated discussion began to brew in the back of the room.  Martina and Bianca were debating if this particular pattern could be considered a growing pattern:


At first glance I thought that there was no way that this could be considered a growing pattern.  As they argued, I started to wonder…

Here’s what they finally decided upon:


The reasoning was wonderful.

As we consolidated our learning, and I highlighted some of the class’ key learnings from the math period, the conversation between Bianca and Martina arose again.  We talked it out, we discussed different possibilities, we even had the pattern maker (Victoria) show us a possible fourth figure.

Such deep thinking.  Thank you so much!


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