Knowledge Building – Learning Skills

Here are some nuggets of wisdom from our Knowledge Building Circle:

“You can’t agree with everything.”

“Have an open mind.”

“Don’t be a dead fish.”

“Collaboration is about how you communicate with people, so you have to have an open mind that can also communicate.”

“Not all arguments have to be solved.”

“Arguments should be solved in the end.”

“There also should be at least a little disagreement like where you’re actually thinking about things and trying to do what’s best for the group and everyone putting their minds together and sharing their own ideas but also sharing their thoughts about other people ideas which makes the end product a lot better.”

“Some people have a very open mind but they don’t talk much, they just listen.”

“You should always be thinking about what you’re going to do along time before you do it, like Wayne Gretzky.”

“Not only being responsible for what you do, but also being responsible for what you say.”

“Setting goals is for every single learning skill.”

“When you do something you can’t erase it.”

“Organize your priorities.”

“You’re responsible for your actions and words.”

“You should think for ten seconds before you do something… if you don’t think you could do really bad things.”



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