Day 3 Of Jamaica – Juliana

We woke up and made reservations for tomorrow night at an Italian restaurant. Then we stopped by the pool and swam a little bit. After that my sisters and I went to the beach and fed some fish with bread. Soon after we were looking for seashells in the sand. Then we all swam as a family in the pool and went to eat lunch at the buffet. After we swam some more and played bingo. I won one of the rounds and my mom won one of the other rounds. Soon after we went back to our hotel room and got ready for dinner. We ate at a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant for dinner. We had to get all 4 appetizers, soup or salad, 2 entrees, and 1 dessert. I ate sushi, miso soup, steak, the special of the day which was lobster, and sorbet. While the chef was cooking in front of us the entire restaurant started to sing Bob Marley songs every once in a while. We also played this game where the chef took her skillet and put a piece of fried egg on it, threw it in the air and we had to catch it with our mouths. The food was amazing, our waiter’s name was Elmo and the chef at the other table reminded me of Will Smith. After that we went to go watch a Michael Jackson show. Finally we went to bed.


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