News From Mexico – Jazmin

I am vacationing in Playa Mujeres, Mexico.  My family and I have been here for 6 days and it is beautiful here.  I guess I was scared at first because of all the stuff Trump said but people here are  very nice and very welcoming.
I went to Coba and hiked up the largest temple in Mexico.  Coba has been around from about 600-900AD and I climbed it to the top.  It is the last temple you can climb because now the other ones are slowly breaking down. They made it so high because you can get closer to god.

We had lunch in a Mayan Village and hung out with the locals.  Everyone is so nice. They made traditional meal of potatos, corn, scrambled egg with this Mexican spice Carassa and with the same spice they made a lemonade but not as sweet as our lemonade.

We also went zip lining through the forest and kayaked.  We visited a sinkhole and swam in it.  It was so cold!!!😬 the Sinkhole was called Cenote de Chimuch there was bats all on the top of the cave but our tour guide said they are fruit eaters so don’t need to be afraid. Still it freaked me out😧
Mexico is really beautiful and very hot so you have to pack a lot of sunscreen.  Some people in our hotel here are looking like red lobsters.  I had a great time here and the adventures were a lot of fun. I would come back anytime.


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