My Learning Experiences In Mexico – Alythea



The moon’s gravitational force pulls on water in the oceans so that there are different types of water level in the ocean on both sides of the planet.It is caused by the moon pulling the earth the away from the water on that side .It is a rise +fall of the ocean!

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How countries are coming together as one big group,making international trade easier profit and trade with other countries.I realized that everywhere I go I will see McDonalds,Starbucks…due to the world’s interaction.

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I noticed that the American dollar was a lot higher than Mexico pesos .I think this is because Mexico is more poor and USA has more things going for it like Apple,McDonald’s…

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In Mexico there were a lot of nationalities,because Mexico is a different place where tourism which then there economy can get better.

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The iguana lives up to 20 years and lives in the tropical regions of central and South America were the climate is hot for them because they are cold blooded.

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Sand is made of small loose,pieces of rock,soil,minerals…when heated sand can turn into glass.




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