Day 8 Of Jamaica – Juliana

I woke up at 7:10 in the morning because I was born at 7:11am. After we all woke up we packed a little and then went down to eat breakfast. Some of the employees came near me after breakfast and sang me happy birthday while bringing me 2 slices of Black Forest cake. After that we went back upstairs, changed into different clothes and finished packing. We stayed at our hotel until 12:30. Then we got on a bus to the airport, checked in, gave our baggages and went to eat lunch. After that we found our gate and I got an Aunty Anne’s pretzel and a Cinnabon tea. Our plane was about 25 minutes late so as soon as we could we started to board. We got on the plane and once it took off I slept, watched tv and ate some snacks. My 2 twin friends sat on the bus with me, were on the same plane as me, and we even saw them after, back in Toronto. Once we landed we got through customs, and then there was a little mix up with our flight’s baggage claim but it was fine. We got out of the airport and my uncle drove us home. Once we got home dinner was ready and I was glad because I had missed home cooked meals. After dinner I went to bed.


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