My Trip To Jamaica- Lucas H

During the past week, I have been on a trip in Jamaica. I tried lots of exotic foods like papaya, ackee, Jamaican apple, yellow watermelon, and Jamaican jerk chicken. I conquered my fear of thrill rides when I went on 2 waterslides in the resort waterpark and really enjoyed them. I went snorkelling in the Caribbean Sea and saw hundreds of fish, mainly sergeant major fish, and 2 stingrays. I held a cute baby sea turtle in my hand and had lots of really cool-looking food in 5 of the restaurants in the resort. I did horse grooming and archery at the ranch near the resort. I went golfing for nine holes at a golf course near the resort and played a trivia game in which I learned a lot about Jamaica. I had a great vacation in Jamaica!

Fun facts:
1. Jamaicans drive on the left side of the road while we Canadians drive on the right. Our bus driver said that the left side is the right side and the right side is suicide!
2.Jamaicans have the steering wheel of their car on the right side while we have ours on the left.
3. Irie means all good in Jamaica. Irie mon!
4. Jamaicans use litres and metres like us.


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