What’s Wrong With These Instructions?


  • No words(1 short sentence per picture)
  • Colour (the colours blend; the diagrams are not clear)
  • No hands. How do you hold the tie?
  • What length should each side be?
  • There are some missing steps.
  • What side do you start with?  The fat side or the skinny side?
  • The arrows are unclear; that’s confusing.
  • Only one angle: if you showed the ties from different angles it might be easier to understand.
  • Video would be better. This is a moving process.  Video would show that.
  • Make the pictures bigger.  It’s hard to see where it’s trying to go.
  • Number the steps. Keeps the reader organized.
  • Bold pictures help the reader to see and understand.
  • Finished product.  What should it look like at the end?

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