Family Math Night – Gr. 5

This year our school hosted a family math night on the theme “Math Is Everywhere”.  These are words that teachers say all of the time.  The intention with the St. Gregory math  night was to make those words come to life.  We focused on HOW to see the math that is everywhere.

My grade 5 class is in the middle of learning about 3D Geometry, specifically how to, “identify and classify two-dimensional shapes by side and angle properties, and compare and sort three-dimensional figures.”

We started by looking for examples of 3D geometry around the world.  We drew a lot, then we thought about our drawings:

Collage 1Collage 2

Students had to apply their knowledge of 3D shapes and start thinking about how those shapes (and their elements) make up the world around them.

To quote a parent “Killing 2 birds with 1 stone….Math AND learning about the world out there.  Nice!”  

She nailed it.  Not only does this kind of learning expose the complexity of shapes, but it also gives students lenses with which to wonder and discuss “the world”.