Equivalent Fractions

Some progress on how we look at fractions.

To find out if fractions are equal we might:

Double the fraction (top and bottom) = ½ = 2/4″

“Use math strips (fraction strips) – the ones that “line up” are equal.”

“Use percents = if you switch a fraction to percent, you can see if it is equal to another fraction.”


*1/5 = 2/10 AND 9/9 = J/J = 1 (whole) AND 1/2 = 3/6, 5/10, 6/12


*2/6 = 4/12, 1/3


*3/6 = 6/12, 5/10, 4/8, 2/4


Today we started out a unit in probability by talking about theoretical and experimental probability.  Here are some definitions that we are working with:

Theoretical probability means an educated guess.  There has to be a reason that makes you think of your theory. (There must be a “BECAUSE”.)

Experimental probability is another way of saying “what ACTUALLY happens”.  You test out your theory.